Who We Are

We are a group of Western students dedicated to eradicating global poverty. We are a chapter of Engineers Without Borders Canada. As a chapter we educate our local communities about world issues and how we can use a systems thinking approach to solve the problem of global poverty. Every year, we send a Junior Fellow overseas to work at a grassroots social enterprise and learn from the local community about their experiences with poverty.


Planning Meetings

Our weekly virtual planning meetings occur every Tuesday from 4:30-5:30. This is where we plan for our current/upcoming events, and brainstorm for new events to plan!

Until it is safe and accessible for all of us to meet together in-person, we will be hosting virtual meetings through Zoom. These meetings will be similar to past meetings where the ‘room’ will be divided into breakout rooms where portfolio directors will lead the group through what is being planned or  discussed. You can join at any time, and choose to help any table you like! 

Our Portfolios

Youth Engagement’s Global Inequalities Presentation has gone Virtual!

Our Youth Engagement portfolio, led by Natalie Connors, has developed this fantastic video to help educate young students about global inequalities. For the video presentation please click here.
The accompanying activity sheet can be found here: Global Inequalities Activity

Member Learning (ML)

We typically have MLs on Wednesdays bi-weekly at 5:30. These sessions are entirely optional, but serve as an opportunity for others to learn about various topics relating to EWB, systemic change, or just fun anecdotes! We also give our chapter members the opportunity to lead MLs themselves if they have a topic they are comfortable discussing, or if they want to invite someone else in to give a presentation.

There’s always room to learn and develop our strengths to help ourselves and others in the real world!

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