Advocacy ensures global development is on the political agenda. Advocacy is more than just a portfolio, it is a pathway. It unites EWB across the country with the goal of influencing Canadian politics. A strong example of this was Michael Ignatieff’s 2010 campaign in as he traveled across Canada, visiting university EWB chapters at each stop. This conversation helped to gain public support and show that international development matters to Canadians.

Fair Trade

What is “Fair Trade”?

Fair Trade is a social movement whose purpose is to help workers in developing countries achieve fairer trading conditions and develop sustainable farming. This can include an increased payment to producers/farmers of certain products, as well as better social and environmental conditions. Many Fair Trade produ

Working with Hospitality Services at Western, Fair Trade works towards increasing availability of Fairtrade products, awareness of the Fair Trade system, and ethical issues related to modern consumerism.

Thanks to this portfolio, in January 2016, Western received its certification as a Fair Trade campus!

Food Systems

In 2014, EWB Western was given a challenge to make an impact on a social and environmental issue within our local food system. By focusing our efforts on organic waste, the food systems team believes we can make a measurable effect on western’s carbon footprint. Through a partnership with western sustainability, hospitality services, the undergraduate engineering society and the faculty of engineering, EWB Western has set up a student run organic waste initiative in the Spencer Engineering Building. the goal of our initiative is to increase the use of western’s organic waste bins, educate students about the benefit of composting and prove that organic waste can be expanded throughout our community. Organic waste at Western is sent to harvest power, a unique facility in London that uses organics to generate carbon neutral electricity.

Global Engineering


The goal of GE Curriculum is to incorporate, in the form of a certificate, a global development education within the engineering faculty. To obtain the certificate, students must complete a mix of curricular and extra-curricular activity requirements including volunteer work and courses related to applying engineering practices to various environmental and cultural issues.


GE Outreach focuses on promoting the various values and aspects of engineering in society. The team works to broaden the misconception of conventional engineering notions and views by developing alternative outlooks and understandings. These ideas are cultivated in cooperation with the students at western university, its professors, and several industry professionals.

Women Empowerment

Looking at social systems through the multifaceted perspectives of women, connecting with young women in the London community as mentors and empowering women through exposure to technical based skills.

Youth Engagement

School Outreach

The school outreach program visits local schools and offers free and interactive stand-alone workshops that cover one of many themes that provide students with global contexts of different world issues. These presentations are available to grades ranging from elementary school to high school.

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