Advocacy ensures global development is on the political agenda. Advocacy is more than just a portfolio, it is a pathway. It unites EWB across the country with the goal of influencing Canadian politics. EWB Western has made significant contributions over the past five years to EWB Canada’s National Campaigns such as Hello2030! We have met with many MPs in Southwestern Ontario to advocate for change, with some recent successes being the implementation of Canada’s first Development Finance Institution, FinDev Canada, and increasing funding for the Feminist International Assistance Policy. This upcoming year, we aim to advocate for Canada to be a leader in the COVID-19 recovery, both at home and abroad.

Gender Equity

This portfolio aims to educate the chapter about gender issues, think critically about the systemic issues that affect sensitive groups and how to tackle these issues within the community. We encourage systems thinking around gender issues and hold events/campaigns to empower people, specifically sensitive groups.

Youth Engagement

“Our mission is to educate children on topics relevant to EWB values by delivering fun, engaging, and interactive presentations to schools through collaboration with teachers, other portfolios, and other chapter members.” – Natalie Connors, YE Director

School Outreach

The school outreach program visits local schools and offers free and interactive stand-alone workshops that cover one of many themes that provide students with global contexts of different world issues. These presentations are available to grades ranging from elementary school to high school.

Climate Change

The portfolio focusses on Climate Change and the impacts it has on communities and environments around the world; Striving to educate others in our community, learn and better understand the major problems with Climate Change and their potential solutions, and helping mitigate the effects of Climate Change on and within the Western Community and surrounding environment.  

Fair Trade

What is “Fair Trade”?

Fair Trade is a social movement whose purpose is to help workers in developing countries achieve fairer trading conditions and develop sustainable farming. This can include an increased payment to producers/farmers of certain products, as well as better social and environmental conditions. This portfolio’s goal is to guide both our chapter and the Western community into being more mindful as consumers and to shift Fair Trade from being seen purely as a premium to being the cost these products should be ethically sold for.

Working with Hospitality Services at Western, Fair Trade works towards increasing availability of Fairtrade products, awareness of the Fair Trade system, and ethical issues related to modern consumerism.

Thanks to this portfolio, in January 2016, Western received its certification as a Fair Trade campus!

Food Systems

The food systems portfolio strives to tackle issues related to food security and sustainable consumption. It aims to achieve this through organizing events and initiatives aimed to overcome food system-related challenges in the community. Some of these initiatives include: the Zero-Waste Challenge, volunteering at local food banks, and building vertical farms.


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